A 30-Day Journey

New Years Resolutions…

The last thing we need is one more way to
get outside of ourselves. We go, and we do, and we “get ‘er done”, all the while we have forgotten that everything we need to experience peace and happiness is RIGHT HERE. It has been all along.

This New Years’ challenge is about remembering.

This 30-Day journey gives you a thought for the day, a short guided meditation and a non-action item to practice throughout the day. By the end of these 30-Days, you will be more present, more awake, more aware, more alive. From here you will see that you can have the life of your dreams, simply by being present to the life you have…right now.

Using the inspiration of author Mark Nepo in “The Book of Awakening”, you will spend 30 days coming back home to yourself.

Get the 30-Day pdf and series of meditations here




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