30 Days of Inspiration

Six Life-Changing 30 Day Programs to help you start your days!

The average person’s New Years Resolutions fizzle by the first week of February. So I, like you stopped making them. In their place, I  have created 6  New Life Resolution 30-day programs. Each program has a slightly different theme, with one message per day. CHOOSE ONE (or all six) at the bottom of this page.


A Month on [and Off] the Mat

An Invitation to Get on Your Mat…Every Day.  Together we will breathe, move our bodies, quiet our minds, and look at whatour yoga asks of us. Let’s skip the resolutions this year and Live Our Yoga!! For 30 days begin with a message of intention that will help you start each day on your mat, on purpose and full of possibility. I include links to some basic yoga practices with various teachers to help you get started.






30-Days of being still, sitting, breathing, doing nothing, which will lead
us to our inner most truths. By the end of this 30-Day meditation program, you will be clear about the Intention that will guide you forward. This is a Heart Settling, Purposeful Living program.  Join me as we begin to Live On Purpose!! Each day also includes a recorded guided meditation.




A 30-Day Journey Home 

If coming home sounds easy, it’s not. The hardest thing for me to do…and I mean the HARDEST thing…is to stop.

To be still. To listen. To be present. This 30-Day program is about slowing down and noticing the now, here, this. The inspiration for this journey is ‘The Book of Awakening’ by Mark Nepo. A poet and cancer survivor, Mr. Nepo has a way of opening a simple moment, and awakening us to something truly precious…awakening us to THIS. Each day also includes a recorded meditation to help you focus on the thought of the day.



Vision Camp

This 30-Day vision in action program will help you create a new vision statement, one that will get you out of bed every morning excited to take the next step. A vision that will become your future reality!

Each day builds on the last and by the end of one month, you will be on a new path, with a new compass. Vision Camp gives you 30 daily inspirations with a very doable action item for the day.





Miracles In Action

There are two ways to look at life…one is that nothing is a miracle, and another is that everything is a miracle.

Miracles in Action is 30 days of inspiration and action items inspired by Marianne Williamson’s book “A Year of Miracles”.  This 30-Day program will have you believing in miracles and creating them in your life…daily!







A Month on the Mat 

This is a 30 Day challenge that will get you into the habit of a regular personal   
yoga practice Each day you will be challenged to get on your yoga mat. A pose of the day will be described as well as a thread of teaching from the Yoga Sutras. The book “Meditations From the Mat” by Rolf Gates is our source of inspiration. Join me for A Month on the Mat!






The cost for each 30 Day PDF Download is just $5.  You can do these programs on your own or with a group of friends. Together we will make the future Fabulous!


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