A Day of Yoga Love at Snowbird

Join Denise Druce and Julie Bush for a day of Yoga Love in the luxurious Cliff Lodge Spa.

Saturday October 8…8am to 4pm

Cost for all yoga sessions, lunch and access to all spa amenities is just $125



8-8:30am Check In, Welcome and Introductions

8:30-10am Morning Heart Opening Practice

10-11am Break

11am-1pm Yoga Anatomy Workshop and Discussion

1-2pm Lunch (included)

2-4pm Blissful Yoga Nidra and Meditation

4pm on Oktoberfest (optional)


See what past participants have had to say about our retreats:

Comments from past retreat participants:

The things that I have gained and learned hold so much value to me. I will walk away with a better understanding of myself, my mind, my body, and my spirit.


A magical experience. I am overcome with gratitude and joy. Denise is an amazing teacher and I learned so much more about myself than just the practice of yoga. This was a journey I won’t soon forget.


This retreat has been very transformative for me. Being is a room full of like minded tribe members, feeling the connectedness, love and support and being guided by such a compassionate, authentic human being through this very healing and spiritual practice was simply beautiful. My cup runneth over.


Today was so relaxing and restorative for me. The yoga was amazing because we all connected spiritually and physically.


This retreat has been part of my journey and story. The connections that I have made are beyond amazing. Thank you so much for helping me become more of the woman I want to be.


The opportunity to have a deep, meaningful day of community practice is life-changing.


This retreat was a wonderful opportunity to step away from the norm of everyday life and go within. To see and be seen, to connect with self and others. I LOVED it.


Denise Druce’s Day of Yoga Love offers a retreat from the business of life. It was a safe, peaceful space filled with people who hold the same soul. Both educational and blissful.


Our Day of Yoga Love was absolutely amazing. I was able to really connect and be in the present moment. My body and mind loved it.


Today’s retreat was memorable, centering and familiarly new! I highly recommend experiencing a retreat with Denise. You’ll come away BETTER.


By the end of the day, my mind was so at ease and I felt truly more relaxed than I’ve been in awhile. To have an opportunity to wind back and just take a breath was amazing.


Thank you for the opportunity to connect and re-connect with people I love-including my own self.


Today was a gift. Today was the first clue that the wheel of fortune will continue to turn, and once again, I will appreciate and understand the beauty of and within the earth, society and myself. Thanks and thanks and thanks again.


Snowbird has great packages for lodging with breakfast or dinner…stay one night or two.

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