A Weighty Issue

We’re on this journey, not only for ourselves, but for those who share our lives. We owe it to them to be as healthy and full of energy as possible. To take that one step further, we can help our nation, and even our planet by being a part of the solution to the health care crisis. By being in good health, and at a healthy weight.

I am saddened, but not surprised by the latest statistics from the federal government. During the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States. The number of obese American adults now outweighs the number of those who are merely overweight.

“Obesity is defined as being 20 percent over your optimum weight. (This translates to roughly 25 to 30 pounds overweight for the average sized person.) It has been implicated in a variety of diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, birth defects, and certain types of ovarian cancer. Also, being overweight is one of the three major factors that accelerate the aging process.”
-Dr. Kenneth Cooper, M.D.

A person 5 feet 5 inches tall becomes overweight at 150 pounds (68 kg) and obese at 180 pounds (82 kg). The U.S. National Institutes of Health has an online BMI calculator here.

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