Anything Can Be

“Listen to the mustn’ts child, listen to the don’ts.

Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts.

Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me.

Anything can happen child, ANYTHING can be.”

~Shel Silverstein

I just had an inspiring conversation with my sister. She’s a single Mom, and is living right in the middle of several of the top stressors in human life…divorce, loss of a job, and loss of our Dad. She has had a smile on her beautiful face since the day she was born, and it’s still there. But behind her smile, she is struggling to hold it all together.

Today, she spoke to me of possibilities. She spoke of going back to school to get a social work degree. She spoke of creativity, and the YouTube channel she is working on to help other single moms. I’m greeting this day with a heart open to what is possible…to remembering  that “Anything Can Be”! 

The author Mark Nepo speaks of possibility as simply living the life we are in, not watching it from the sidelines. “When life feels far off, remember that a flute is just something hard with holes until it’s played. So too, the heart. As matches are just sticks until lit, and ice is not quenching until thawed, questions and problems remain obstacles until lived. In this way, the life of every soul waits like sheet music to be played. What good are we if never played?”

In my work, I am surrounded by normal people who are saying YES to their lives, and opening themselves to possibility though Yoga Assets Teacher Training. I am inspired by Angela, my deaf student who said YES, and is now preparing to teach yoga to other deaf students. By Nancy who, at age 67, after losing her husband said YES to teacher training and is now teaching yoga to seniors, with two broken wrists no less! By Hannah, an adorable 17 year old who said YES, and is now teaching yoga to 2nd graders, and changing the world in the process. Anything Can Be!

What questions and problems are in your path today? Where can you step in, pick up the instrument called your body and simply play?

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