Balanced Body Wheel

On July 29, Darlene Braden joined Danny, Vanessa and I on the Home Team. She introduced her Balanced Body Wheel and I think it’s a valuable tool we can all use.

You can’t fix a problem until you know what it is. Her wheel helps you learn where you are stopped in fitness.  What Stops You from having the body you want? is the name of Darlene’s new book. Take her Balanced Body Assessment Free and begin to take actions towards health and fitness success. Live in the body you create. Choose the body you want.
In order to reach your health goals it is important to know where you are now in these 10 categories:

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Flexibility
4. Coordination and balance
5. Weight and Body Fat %
6. Nutrition
7. Internal health
8. Lab tests
9. Adequate rest
10. Healthy mental image of body

After you have finished your assessment, you are ready to set specific goals and have the Body You Want!

You can watch the segment on Home Team with Darlene Braden here:

You can download the Balanced Body Wheel by clicking here:

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