Bridging the Gap

“If you don’t like the way the world is, YOU change it. You have an obligation to change it…one step at a time” ~Marian Wright Edelman

In 1855, the great Niagra Suspension Bridge was built by flying a childs’ kite across the 855-foot chasm. Attacned to the kite was a string, attached to the string was a cord, to that was attached a rope, which was attached to a cable, sure and strong. That’s where it all started. We need more kite flyers and bridge builders. Instead of complaining about how disconnected we are, let’s fly some kites across the great divide. Be it race, gender inequality, religion, politics or even family, we’re all on the same team… TEAM HUMAN. Let’s build!!

I want to challenge each of you, each of US to take on a role in this project. So I ask you:
1. What is your bridge to build?In other words, what two people, or groups of people in your life are at odds, and how can you stand in the middle and start the process of reconciliation?
2. What is one small step you WILL take…today?Seriously, don’t underestimate the value of one phone call, one throughtful email, one hug, or just intently listening to one person.
3. Who will you be accountable to?How about me, us, the readers of this message? Reply in the comment section. We’re a team, let’s cheer each other on!

I couldn’t be more serious about this folks. I took this exercise on awhile back, and I said “I will form a non-profit to take yoga where it isn’t”. And now…
Yoga Forwardis up and running, taking yoga into prisons, shelters, schools, corporate board rooms, and anywhere else we can find stressed out humans who need to breathe, relax and connect.
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