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One of my favorite things to do after I get my kids to bed is check in with Lee, the creative genius and down-to-earth Mom behind Moms Without Blogs.  She has a regular post called ‘Conversations With My Kid’, and encourages her readers to share their conversations.  This post is about one of those I had last night.

I was tucking my 5-year-old Van in to bed.  We were talking about Kindergarten and how much fun it will be.  I’ve been going there a lot lately, probably more for me than for him.  The thought of my third boy (and baby) getting on that bus and heading off to school is almost more than my heart can take.  But we’ve been working on the checklist.  You know, the tie your shoes, know your address, recognize your letters, upper and lower case, and take care of your bathroom duties ALL BY YOURSELF checklist. 

So…after I tucked him in and left the room, I heard him crying, and went back in. He said, through big sobs…I don’t want to go to Kindergarten! I asked him if he was scared, (no) if he thought it would be boring (no), if he needed a break already from school (no)…he said “I don’t want to go to Kindergarten without Sierra!” And sobbed some more. So sweet. Sierra, his little pre-school crush.  The sadness in his little eyes was more than I could bear, and I cried too.  I cried because he doesn’t know that she is only the first of many, many people he will have to say good bye to in this life. 

And that is one of life’s hardest things.  The good byes.  I said the only thing I could think of.  I told him we would stay in touch with preschool friends after summer. Maybe team sports or play dates.  But I know how life is, and I know that it’s likely that we will all move on.  And I also know that Sierra will always be in his heart. 

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    1. Oh those goodbyes!

      Oldest’s (7) best buddy is moving a couple towns over this Summer. They’ve been thick as thieves since preschool.

      It ain’t going to be pretty. I hear ya.

    2. Wow. This post really hits me in the heart. I am so like your son! The goodbyes just kill me. The goodbyes to people, to places, to phases, to feelings, just everything. I feel them through and through.
      What a sweet boy you have there and what an awesome mama you are to cry with your son.

      I can’t believe it has taken me a WEEK to come over and visit your post. I have been working and just my life is insanely busy right now.
      Thank you for the kind words you wrote about me and my blog and I’m just so glad to hear that you enjoy our little Conversations with my Kid. I love it too.

      Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend….


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