Don’t Be Afraid to Say the ‘L’ Word

I’m fairly certain that the day I stopped being self-conscious about telling my students I love them, my class numbers started to grow.

Why are we so hesitant to say just what people are dying to hear?  The thing is, it’s true… we do love them.  We are passionate about seeing them in our classes, and passionate about helping them live better lives.  So why not tell them?

The world needs more of what we have, so let’s be generous with it.  Let’s shower our students with love, let’s help them see that they are loveable, just the way they are.  So they become better able to love themselves.  And in doing that, they become better able to love others.  And on it goes.

Challenge them to say those three magic words to three people today, people who aren’t the easy ones to say it to.

And you go first…

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