Extraordinary Teachers are Present

The next time you walk into the gym or studio, notice who you see.

Pause to speak with the front desk person, and greet them by name.  Make eye contact with the people you pass on the way to your room, and smile.  Invite someone new to try your class.

When you walk into your room, relax, and let yourself be in the role of serving others.

We get used to seeing people.  In fact, we become so familiar with how they are that we actually stop noticing the small stuff that makes them unique.

Being present for your students will show you their gifts.  And they can tell when you are there for them.  Be a “student centered teacher” instead of a “teacher centered teacher”.

Hyper focus on the unique qualities of the people in your next class.  Catch them doing something difficult and commend them.  Make sure to let them know that they did the hardest thing, just by showing up today.

Miracles show up when you see people in a new way.

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