Register For "Fitness Fusion" – March 12-16, 2013

Take some time over Spring Break to become stronger, more flexible and more balanced with Denise Druce, director of the University of Utah Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Yoga and Fitness come together in this fun and effective five-day program designed to help you spring into a new season and a new outlook on life. 

I will be hosting this event at the University of Utah March 12-16, from 7:00am – 9:00am daily.  10-hours of instruction/practice/nutritional support for just $149.

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Tuesday March 12th, 7-9am  “Redefine Your World”

  • Through mindful movement and attention to breath, we learn to see the world from the inside out.  We learn to trust our own insights and instincts and begin to make healthy decisions out of love for our Self
  • Through mindful eating, we learn to intuitively eat what sustains us, gives us optimal energy, and keeps us at our healthiest weight.  We let go of ideas of ‘bad foods’, and ‘bad decisions’ and learn to gravitate toward more clean and whole foods.

Wednesday March 13th, 7-9am “Connect to Your Creativity”

  • Through exploration of mindful movement, we discover our second chakra, our center of creativity.  We look at flowing with life and bending with the changes that life brings.  We get un-stuck.
  • Discussion of how physical activity plays into the healthy weight picture.  Which activities give you more bang-for-your-buck?  What do you most enjoy?  How can you put more of that into your life?

Thursday March 14th, 7-9am “Observe Your Self”

  • C.S. Lewis said, “You are not a body with a soul.  You ARE a soul, you have a body.”  Through a vigorous fitness based movement class, we will discover the edges, the self-imposed barrier that tells us to quit.  We will challenge ourselves to stay with discomfort a bit longer.  In doing so, we expand our boundaries, and give our soul room to soar.

Friday March 15th, 7-9am “Learn to Say Good Bye”

  • Our core is the place of our strength, stability, confidence, and personal power.  By focusing on our core strength, we become less afraid of stepping forward into our greatness.  And gain confidence to do the hard work of letting go of what has held us back.

Saturday March 16, 7-9am “Heal Your Heart

  • Our final Restorative Heart Opening class with extra stretching and relaxation will leave you with the tools, motivation, strength and inner peace to go out and conquer the world!
  • We will end our week with an invitation to join the Extraordinary Life Community, to continue receiving the support and inspiration you need to stay on the path to your best life ever.

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