Fitness Trends 2011

I complimented my class today on being committed during the month of December.  We will soon see the resurgance of people in gyms across the country with their new resolutions.  What will they be doing?  I think the following activities will gain momentum in 2011:

Mind Body programs like Yoga and Pilates will continue to grow in popularity.  I’m currently teaching yoga to seniors, collegiate athletes, and elementary kids.  With the economy as it is, the stress relieving benefits of yoga will draw more and more people in.  And with the aging of America, we will continue to seek gentler, lower impact forms of exercise.  I believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with mind body.

Small group training will provide a more affordable option for those wanting more specialized programs.  While personal training might seem like a luxury, small group training in fitness, yoga, sports preparation, etc. will boom.  Personal trainers should gear up and hone their skills in working with groups.

In the coming year, people will seek out functional training, core training, and balance training.  Gone are the days of the bicep curl.  Now we can train our biceps while standing on an unstable BOSU trainer on one leg.  More bang for the buck for busy people, and more like real life movement.

In the gyms, programs like Zumba and Body Pump are (re) exploding.  The younger participants love the high energy of these classes and the results they provide.

Old is new.  I gave up teaching step aerobics for 5 years and recently started again.  My classes are packed.  Why?  We all moved away from step to cycle and yoga and strength classes, and we slowed down.  We lost the quickness and agility that you gain in step classes.  So I predict a re-birth of step in 2011.  Step provides a good hard workout with moderate impact for bone health, and helps our coordination and reaction time.  Plus, it’s exercise for the brain!

So what will you be doing in the New Year?  Sticking with the old, or trying something new?  Whatever it is, I would love to hear about it.

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