For What?

I’m starting this post with a very familiar line. “I usually refrain from public political commentary but I have some thoughts that I am compelled to share”. I fully realize that some of you will ‘unsubscribe’ and I am fine with that. I cannot be silent any longer. I cannot wrap my head around the fact thatbill millions of Americans support Donald Trump and think he is the one to solve all of our problems

As this election season hits a fevered pitch, we’re hearing our candidates boast and argue about being “Rich, very rich”, groping women, deleting emails, and I, like  you, am spending a lot of time trying to understand the issues and read between the lines of the debates.  I am left with frustration at the very least, and borderline anger at times. It’s all so crazy.

One burning question on my mind is…is being rich, very rich what we really need in a President? Is that really the most important quality we want the leader of the free world to embody? Look at the audacious amount of money being spent on campaigns. What could it be used for otherwise? We don’t have to look much beyond our own front doors to find people in need. What are we doing to help? These questions sent me digging for an article I saved years ago that speaks to the power of money, and the obligation we have to use ours in a way that helps, really helps humanity.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in his Junior year before co-founding Microsoft and going on to become the world’s richest person. Gates went back to Harvard in 2007 to deliver the commencement address. His words are both an inspiration, and a challenge.

“Members of the Harvard Family. Here in the yard this afternoon is one of the great collections of intellectual talent in the world. WHAT FOR? When you consider what those of us here in this yard have been given-in talent, privilege and opportunity-there is almost no limit to what the world has a right to expect from us. You graduates are coming of age in an amazing time. As you leave school, you have technology that members of my class never had. You have awareness of global inequity, which we did not have.  And I hope you will come back to Harvard 30 years from now and reflect on what you have done with your talent and energy. I hope you will judge yourselves not on your professional accomplishments alone, but also on how well you have addressed the world’s deepest inequities…on how well you treated people a world away who have nothing in common with you but their humanity.”~Bill Gates

Do you think he would consider running for President?

Right. Probably not. He’s too busy being rich, very rich and saving the world with his money.

This election season is an opportunity for all of us to feel, grieve and love deeply. Many in our country are feeling the pain of hate-filled rhetoric, an immoral economy that excludes, and policies that criminalize our marginalized communities. Voting is one way to express our deep love for our people and our communities. Our vote is our vow, our wish, and our prayer for our people…for US as a people. A vote for the dignity of our communities is a public expression of revolutionary love.

Please, Please, Please VOTE on November 8th. Vote from your heart. Vote from love not fear. Vote for candidates who can put policies in place that help all humanity, not just the rich, very rich.


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