I Love You.


Yes You.

The one looking at this screen right now.

I love that at one time, your path crossed mine. If I’m lucky, we are still walking on the path together. And if not, you’re still in my heart. You have shared with me the most precious gift life has to giveā€¦the gift of your time. And you’re still sharing it as you read these words.

I Love You.

It may sound strange, especially if we only spent one day together in a Schwinn Training, or if we connected through yoga, or in high school, or on a plane. Maybe our kids played hockey together. Maybe we only know each other online. But I mean it none the less. I love you because you’re family. You and I come from the same place. We look different on the outside, we act differently, we live differently. But we share a home. A blue and green ball that gets smaller as I get older. You and I are blood.

We may disagree over the dinner table of like (or Facebook) about politics, or religion, or sports teams, or what temperature we like our caffeine. We may spend out money differently, and choose different shows to binge watch on Netflix. You may sometimes use all the hot water, and I may be more messy than you like. But we are family.

And I Love You. Just wanted you to know…


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