Let Your Life Speak

 I just finished one of the most inspirational, motivational, educational, and soul searchingly draining weekends of my life. My mentor, and all-time-favorite yoga teacher Seane Corn was in town for a weekend of training.

That woman somehow finds a way straight to my soul with her words. Everything out of her mouth seems to be spoken directly to me. And what’s crazy, is everyone who is in the room with her feels the same way. I took so many things away from her training, but the message I am really sitting with tonight is her thoughts about letting your life speak.

Seane is a living example of someone who believes in doing the hard work of self study (Svadhyaya) first. She teaches that before we can make a difference ‘out there’ we first have to clean up our own stuff. She urged us to ‘Dig deep…love hard, and long and raw.’ Forgive quickly, starting with yourself. No one wants to buy what you have to sell or hear what you have to say unless you are coming from a place of authenticity and love.

In relationship with others, we will never be successful at changing another.  And too frequently, the things we desire to change about another, are the things we’d really like to change about ourselves.  So we start there.  If we want to be loved, we love.  If we want to experience abundance, we give.  If we want to be forgiven, we must forgive.  It’s all so clear, and sounds so simple right now in the afterglow of the weekend.

Check in with me during tomorrow morning’s get-everyone-out-the-door rush and I’ll let you know if it’s sticking.

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    1. Alaris Johnson says:

      Denise – your newsletters are always so inspirational. I believe many can tell who is real and who is not. Digging deep inside ourselves is not an easy feat but the rewards are fabulous. I love you my friend and neighbor. You motivate and inspire many. A Johnson

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