Mindfulness in the Classroom: Success Stories

  • We have had several fun experiences where teachers have embraced mindfulness practices in their classrooms, students have reminded US that their amygdala is “activated, so they need to breathe. We have had students remind each other about breathing. But the best example of the influence of our work is the student who came back to school after witnessing a violent argument between his mom and dad. He said that while they were arguing, he talked to them about the amygdala and how we learn to breathe when it is activated, so we can make better decisions with our pre-frontal cortex. Then he taught them the technique. They calmed down and stopped arguing!
  • The course was really engaging and fun! I look forward to implementing all of your fresh ideas! You make me proud to be a mother, a woman, and an educator!
  • Thank you for such a great training! I know over the next days and weeks I will experience how your training has positively impacted me, and I think my students will notice as well. I look forward to taking my teaching to the next level by implementing these easy-to-use mindfulness practices into my regular curriculum.
  • You have left a lasting impression on me which is reflecting in the way that I teach.  I loved the connection of mind-body for kids.  A “gem” or positive thought or word of encouragement incorporated into a regular lesson makes a world of difference. I now make a conscious effort to leave a small gem with each class I teach.
  • From a student: “I use mindfulness practices to give me energy. I have lots of activities after school and doing breathing practices has helped me to focus and enjoy each one instead of feeling tired all the time”


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