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The photo you see is a ‘Mindful Morning’ with 650 Junior High Kids breathing, stretching and centering.

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Since implementing Mindful Moments, the administration and teaching staff have noticed a measurable difference in things like office referrals, test scores, bullying, and even staff turnover. What you will find here are many resources for creating Mindful Moments in your school.

Tools for Mindfulness in the Classroom

Here are some videos, articles and research supporting the implementation of mindfulness in schools.

We have several tools to to help teachers facilitate calming techniques, self-regulation, and anxiety management. Our top offering…a  Full-day teachers’ workshop to be held at your school. Open this to administration, staff, parents, and PTA. We will send you away with a hundred ideas, supplemental materials, free downloads and a certificate of completion. We’re happy to customize a day that meets the needs of your learning environment.

WHY Mindfulness?

By the minute, there is an increasing number of students in the US who lack the skills of self-regulation, impulse control and focus. This affects their behavior, their ability to learn and of course, their overall well-being. Mindfulness practices provide critical life skills which are essential to success at home, in school and throughout life. These skills are changing the face of classrooms everywhere. We will bring you yoga and mindfulness techniques, thoughtfully designed for the time and space concerns of most classrooms. Our aim is to help you create a positive, peaceful productive classroom climate.

Take-Aways for Teachers:

  • Understand the science of stress, the symptoms, and how it affects learning and behavior
  • Learn 100 simple, classroom-friendly yoga and mindfulness techniques
  • Improve classroom management to cultivate a positive, peaceful, productive classroom climate
  • Tools and techniques you can use in your daily life as well as in the classroom

This fun and informative workshop will inspire the adults in your school community while preparing them to share the program with their students. No yoga experience is required. Participants are encouraged to wear every-day comfortable clothing to the workshop as we’ll be simulating a classroom experience.

Success Stories:

  • Because of the Mindful Moments curriculum, we reduced office referrals by 30% this school year (16-17 year: 732 Office referrals, 17-18 year: 516 Office referrals) We have also reduced Minor referrals by 59%! (16-17: 1009 Minor referrals, 17-18: 457 Minor referrals)
  • In the 4th quarter, we reduced Office referrals by 38% (16-17 4th quarter: 167 Office referrals, 17-18 4th quarter: 104 Office referrals.) Minor referrals were reduced by 73% (16-17 4th quarter: 188 Minor referrals, 17-18 4th quarter: 51 Minor referrals.)

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We would love to add your Success Story to our list. Our workshop is full of ideas and practices that benefit teachers, administrators and of course students.

Our One-Day Teacher Training Includes:

  • 6 hour Interactive Workshop for your staff and faculty
  • Mindful Moments Curriculum Manual
  • Hands on practice in leading these short mindfulness breaks
  • Certificate of Participation
  • CEs or PDPs (Continuing Education Credits or Professional Development Points)


  • A dedicated space big enough for a yoga mat and chair for each participant
  • A minimum of 10 participants committed to the full training
  • Projector and Screen
  • iPod/MP3 hookup

Contact us to Schedule a Teacher Mindfulness Workshop for your school

Online Mindfulness Workshop

If for any reason your school cannot schedule an in person training, we can deliver an online experience. Using the Zoom video conferencing platform, we can work with schools that don’t have a full day to dedicate to Professional Development, or when distance is a limiting factor. Groups can participate in four 90-minute meetings and will be guided through interaction and discussions.


Standard pricing is $180 per participant.  Full staff participation is ideal, and discounts are offered for groups over 20. Consider inviting teachers, aides, counselors, administrators, and even parents/PTSA members.


Continuing Education Credits (CEs)

Attendees may be eligible to receive Professional Development Points(PDPs) or Continuing Education Hours(CEs). As each credentialing organization has their own requirements, participants should confirm that these  training hours will apply toward their continuing education requirements.

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers are eligible for Continuing Education Hours through Yoga Alliance

Get Your School Involved

Here is a sample letter you can use to encourage your school to implement mindfulness programs.

Letter to Admin

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