Mini Workouts for Moms

Finding time to exercise is challenging for everyone, but being a mom with small children, sometimes it even seems impossible.  Here are some tips to help busy (and tired) moms build in small bouts of exercise that add up to big benefits:

Red Light Abs:  Whenever the mini-van stops at a red light, pull your abs in (way in) and hold the contraction until the light turns green. 

Pearly Whites and Calves: While you brush your teeth, do calf raises.  Come all the way up on your toes and hold for a second, then lower.  To make it even more challenging, cover an old phone book with duct tape and stand on that while you lower your heels off the edge.

Babes and Arms: That baby carrier is really just a big dumbbell, no offense to junior.  Make sure to switch hands/arms frequently to build equal strength.  Try a bicep curl every time you move baby in and out of the car.

Stroller Butt: Take advantage of the sunny Spring days and take baby for a walk. Every so often do lunges with your hands on the stroller, keeping your spine straight and dropping your back knee toward the ground.

Peek-A-Boo Push Ups: Lay baby on the floor and place your hands on either side of her.  Do a push up and kiss baby each time you lower your weight.  They will love this game so much that you will end up doing more push ups than you thoought you could.  As your children get older, they will love doing push ups side by side with you, and you can be proud that you’re raising a future gym rat.

Heart Wide Open: You love being a Mommy.  But all of the lifting, holding and cuddling is ruining your posture and causing neck and back pain.  Take time to stretch your arms behind your back, interlace your fingers or hold a towel behind you and just breathe deeply as you hold the stretch for about a minute.

Remember that any time you take for YOU is really a gift for your family.  You can only fill the cups of those around you when yours is full.  So take a minute now to breathe, lift, stretch and then go back to the kiddos refreshed!

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