My Favorite Yoga Products

I have been teaching and practicing yoga for 11 years and have come to love the gifts and lessons yoga brings to my body, mind and soul.  I love seeing new yogis roll out their mats and begin to see the same benefits unfolding in their lives.  I am often asked about “yoga gear” so here are my takes on the best yoga products out there.  I call these my “Yoga Best”.

Best yoga mat-“The Mat” by Lululemon ($68)
Not the cheapest mat on the market but by far my favorite.  I LOVE the non-slip texture of the mat.  It makes it easier to root down in poses like down dog and the warrior series.  The Mat is thin but provides great cushioning too.

Best yoga mat carry bag-The Ultra Big Tote by Hugger Mugger ($52)
This extra roomy bag is not only the cutest one out there, it’s so sensible.  How often do you only have your mat to carry?  This one has room for even a thicker mat, the shirt you brought to change into after class, and your water bottle, keys and wallet.

Best yoga block-Cork Block by Hugger Mugger ($17.95)
It’s just the right weight and size for most practitioners, and cork blocks are the most environmentally friendly.  I carry one with me all the time

Best yoga pants-Cargo Pant by Yogafit ($69.95)
I love, love, love these pants.  I have them in every color.  They fit perfectly on many different body types and move well in yoga.  They feel like silk, wash well, and they never bind.  It’s nice not to have to pull down your pant legs every time you come up from a forward fold.  A big plus…they’re great for around town too.

Best yoga top-Athletic Deep V Tank by Lululemon ($54.00)
Fits like a dream with a built in bra that actually shapes, not squishes.  The fabric works for all types of workouts but I especially like this top for yoga because it’s fitted around the ribs and doesn’t ride up whe I’m upside down.

Best yoga DVD for at-home-Core Yoga by Dana Baptiste
Dana is the local guru in Salt Lake City and it’s so fun to have her in my living room when I can’t get to her “killer” core yoga class.  This DVD does all that it promises, it helps you find your center.

What are your “yoga bests”?  I’d love to know, please share.

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