Now Is The Time

Now. Here. This.  If this journey has taught me anything, it is that NOW is all we have.  We say that so nowmuch that it becomes trite.  We take for granted that there is a someday.  And we have buckets of things that we are going to do, be, or have someday.  My friends, when you get a diagnosis like cancer, you quickly learn that there is no someday.  There is not a better time than right now to hug your kids.  There is no better time than right now to go back to school.  There is no better time than right now to get the nice dishes out and use them, just because.  There is no  better time than right now to love your body.  Yes your body, exactly as it is today.  Trust me, if you do get the gift of living another 20 years, you will look back and fondly remember the body you had today.  And you will wish you had loved it more.

As I was recovering from my surgery, I had the chance to slow down.  I had friends visit and I got to really enjoy the people in my life, without feeling rushed because I had emails to answer and classes to prepare for.  I feel like in the down time, I learned to live again.  To reevaluate.  To reset.  I’m filled with gratitude for the health I have, the people in my life and an appreciation for second chances.  I’m coming back to the rush of life with a renewed commitment to slow down and live.  Now.  Here.  This.

This is our time, yours and mine.

You have important discoveries to make, NOW is the time to make them.

You have important talents to develop, NOW is the time to develop them.

You have important gifts to give to the world.  NOW is the time to give them.

There is no someday.

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    1. Oh my goodness, Denise. I just read your newsletter and realized I have not kept up with all that you’ve been going through. So glad to hear that you have beat this and thank you for sharing your journey… what courageous, raw, honest and inspiring postings about what you’ve been through. And great reminders for all of us. Thank you for sharing. Dave and I send all of our love and blessings to you and the fam. 🙂

    2. Barbara Cramer says:

      Dear Denise,
      Somehow I had missed this whole cancer experience you’ve been going through. I’m glad to hear that your treatments were successful and you have had some good times along with the tough stuff. You’ve given a lot to many people, now is a time to let them care for you and show their love.

      I remember last summer’s training with pleasure and have enjoyed sharing what I learned with a group that attends my classes twice a week. Thanks for your inspiration!


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