“Oh ,Honey”

I played music in my yoga class today that had fetal heartbeat sounds mixed with the music.  1577682-1559243-thumbnail.jpgThe first sound we ever hear is our Mother’s heart and it is believed to be the most soothing sound we can hear as an adult.  I realize that not everyone has fond feelings or memories of their Mothers.  I am one of those lucky people who had, and continue to have, a great relationship with my Mom.  The first sounds I ever heard were sounds from a heart full of unconditional love and widsom.  Wisdom gained from a life of lessons learned the hard way.  My Mother planted seeds of confidence and self esteem in me and I’m not even sure she knows she was doing it.  Here’s the thing.  In my life, whatever I did, right or wrong, good or bad, I always knew I could go to my Mom and tell her the story.  No matter what, when I was hurting, or angry, or betrayed, or sick, or even dead wrong about something, her response has always been the same…"Oh Honey, I’m so sorry for you".  Those words carry so much power. 

It’s amazing what happens inside a person when they feel heard.  When they feel validated.  When someone takes the time to listen and empathize, without trying to fix, give advice, share their experiences or teach a life lesson.  I am so grateful that I got this, that I still get this, from the first person I ever knew.   Thank you Mom!  I hope, for the sake of my children, that a little of that rubbed off on me.

Fast forward a few years, and now I’m the Mom.  What legacy am I leaving?  What words of mine will they remember?  I teach P.E. as a parent volunteer in my boys classes and every week I encourage the kids to get their families out of the house and moving, to be the one to create an "active family".  So now, my ten-year-old is using my words on me.  We are an active family, but we are all active as individuals.  Now Jackson wants us to be an "active family".  So, last week, on vacation, instead of a family pay-per-view and room service, he dragged us out to the tennis courts.  We had a blast.  I haven’t laughed that hard with my kids for a long time.  (We’re all  pretty bad at tennis).  His new thing is running…he wants to run a 5K this summer.  Have I mentioned that I hate, no HATE running?  But if you are in our neighborhood, you will see us, running together at 6am.  And guess what?  I actually enjoy that time with him.  I forgot how it feels to be outside and active when the sun comes up on a Spring morning in Utah.  To be running with my little guy, the one who heard my heart beat before anything else, is priceless.  And we’re living my words.

Now I just have to work on my response to "Mom, the Principal wants you to come in for a meeting"…"Oh Honey, I’m so sorry for you".  


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