Yoga Assets Reunion Celebration September 2017

We now have over 500 graduates of the Yoga Assets and University of Utah Teacher Training
Programs. It’s time for a reunion! Please join us to reunite with your classmates and become part of the larger Yoga Assets community. We call it “Meet Your Cousins”Diverse Hands_BLOG

Location: Meet Me on 33rd (1565 East 3300 South)

The Schedule

Friday September 15th FREE Reception (Please RSVP)

  • Meet and Greet
    6-9 Reception with light appetizers and drinks provided by Aubergine
  • Growing the YogaAssets Community-how can we support you?

Saturday September 16th-8am to 6pm ($59 for a whole day of learning and 6 CEUs)

*Once registered, you will be able to select your two sessions on a “first come” basis

8-9 Welcome, Morning Activity and Light Breakfast

9 to Noon Morning Sessions

  • The Business of Yoga-Michael Druce…go beyond the basics of business, and learn how to truly succeed in your yoga career. Marketing yourself in the digital age, overcoming fear of technology, navigating the studio setting, and much much more.Here’s what’s in store for Saturday’s ‘Business of Yoga’ participants:How Free Yoga is Killing the Yoga Studio – A candid discussion of this and other false narratives in the yoga business.
    The Business Model Formerly Known as Prince – Creating a business platform that helps you achieve the lifestyle you desire.
    Purple Cows and Liars – Six proven ways to uniquely position yourself in the yoga community.
    The Future of Yoga – It’s not what you think.
    Ask the Wizard – If you could pick one business challenge to solve before you leave this workshop, what would it be? Everyone will be granted a solution…guaranteed!
    Mike’s Top 10 – I’ll share with you ten valuable tips and techniques that will hands-down make this the best session of the day.
     (says the business man!)
  • The BAM method-Shelley Dawson…B.A.M- Breath. Asana. Meditation. Learn to guide a 10 minute mindfulness experience that ANYONE can do, ANYWHERE (school, work, your car, home, the park, etc….) to promote and enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well being of the participant.
  • Living the HEART Life…on and off the mat-Cynthia Wand. My stand is, “Healing this world, one heart at a time, through connecting, teaching, and coaching from love!” Join me as I introduce the “HEART” model, a powerful set of dynamic practices that anyone can cultivate to transmute the negative, habitual, socially accepted addictions and programing we have allowed to take away our heart power. We will explore accessing the strength of our Anahata chakra in unique and different ways through breath, meditation and an experiential practice.

12-1 pm Lunch (on your own, many nearby options or bring a lunch)

1-4pm Afternoon Sessions

  • A New Look at Anatomy-Amy Davis…A focus on postural analysis, how your bones should sit in your body and your class member’s bodies. How crooked can we all be? Using the fact that muscles don’t actually stretch…what? We will discuss using asana to move the bones into proper alignment, relieve pain, and prevent injuries.
  • Finding Your Voice-Whitney Rasmussen…Cultivate your natural talents by tailoring your classes around your personal strengths. This workshop will help you to recognize and own your personal strengths and limitations and help you use them to connect with your students. Find your voice by finding confidence in your abilities and trusting your instincts.
  • Teaching Yoga for Athletes-Denise Druce…do you want to teach in a gym setting? To runners or cyclists? Your kids soccer team?  Whether you’re interested in teaching professional athletes or everyday gym-goers, this workshop will help you look at yoga from the unique perspective of the athletes’ body. We will look at what the athlete needs (hint…not more sport specific work, that’s their coaches job) but rather the other side…rest, rejuvenation and recovery. We will also cover some sports psychology concepts that help athletes win the hardest game of all…the mind game. And at the end of the day, we’re all really athletes, playing the long game called life.

4-4:15 Break

4:15-5pm Community Meeting (Updates to the Yoga Assets Curriculum with Denise)
5-6pm Evening Meditation and Close



Registration Options

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