The Simple Things

Two weeks ago, the man who gave me my name left this world, and in doing so, left a huge hole in my heart.

I miss him.

dennis-black-whiteAnd I am filled with gratitude that I learned to forgive before it was too late.

My Dad was an alcoholic during my younger years. When he sobered up, I was just starting a family. And the gift of his sobriety was that I got my Dad back, and my kids got to know their Grandpa. I will be
forever grateful.

He loved the simple things in life. He was my best teacher in the art of being present. He loved to draw, paint, play music, chat with his cronies over coffee, walk in nature, pawn shop hop, and laugh. And he loved his Grand Kids.

Losing him has me thinking about the little things, and about the big picture. I’m not a
raid of what the next four years will bring. I’m more concerned with how I’m showing up today, the day after an election that didn’t go exactly the way I had hoped. What difference I can make, while I’m still here to make one?

I start thinking big… screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-7-49-53-am
As I look out over the next 10, 20, 30 years of my life…
1) What are the most important things I am going to devote my time and energy to…what are my highest callings?

2) How will I personally help address the world’s deepest inequities?

If Dennis were asked these questions, he would probably say “well…I don’t know about that. Let’s just sit here on the porch and have a coke. Have I told you about the time that…”

Right now, tonight, in the wake of Facebook wars, political uproar and rampant fear, I think his answer may be the right answer. Slow down, pull someone close, tell a story, lend an ear, and change the world

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    1. Susan Gill says:

      I just watched you on the place and you did a workout routine using bands, paper plates and cups. You mentioned you could send PDF’s of the exercises. I would like them if possible. Thank you!

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