There is no better time than NOW to start a new training program, or to tweak the tired old program you have been doing for far-too-long.  So many people drop their structured workouts in the summer, only to find themselves up 5 or 10 pounds (again) when the colder months roll around.  So here’s a suggestion: TRY something new.  I am picking up jogging again, after a 12 year have-three-kids-operate-two-businesses-get-a-masters-degree excuse.  And it feels damn good.  But I’m starting slow.  Here is the program I am following to get road-ready in time for two end-of-summer 5Ks.

If you want to really take things up a notch (or three), join me for the next four Mondays at the 9th Street 24 Hour Fitness.  Monday Morning “Try-athalon”!

8:30 run on treadmills 9:15 Power Sculpt Class 10:15 Cycle class…2.5 hours of sweat and fun!

Then, let’s do a 5K together.  How about the all women-s “Love Your Body 5K” on August 22 Register Here and/or the Susan Sandoval 5K walk/run on September 19, for Ovarian Cancer. Register here


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