30-Days From Now…You’ll Feel Twice as Good

Are you feeling tired or depressed?  Do you feel like you’re not your best self; like you’re going through life with the brakes on?

Let me ask you this:  Any chance you’ve gained weight and you’re carrying around more fat than you need?

Nothing (and I mean nothing) sucks the life out of you like being overweight.  It’s as predictable as the sun rises to the East.

If you’ve gained weight and you’ve been putting-off dealing with it, you’re limiting your personal potential and creating the perfect storm for low self-esteem and maybe even depression.

Don’t worry.  It happens to just about everyone at one time or another.  But some people take corrective action quicker than others.

The crazy thing about gaining weight is how it creeps up on you.  The changes are so subtle that you don’t realize the effects. You find yourself begining to withdraw from the fun things that you used to enjoy.  You start making decisions that are uncharacteristic of you. You start to become overly concerned with “what others might think”.  Worse yet, you become your own worst critic.

Then along comes self-doubt, followed by frustration, insecurity, loneliness, uncertainty, resentment and emptiness.  And if you’re not careful, it can become a full-blown case of The Blues.

Does this sound like the path you’re on?

If you’re fed up and ready to make some changes, I want you to register for my Extraordinary Body e-course now.  It’s free, it’s safe, it’s effective.

I call this program Extraordinary Body, but that can be a little misleading.  It’s designed to help you become more mindful of the interconnectedness of your physical health to your overall well-being.

Weight loss and healthy eating are a central component of this program, but it entails so much more.  My aim is to help you nurture your body and mind in such a way that you begin to see life through a whole new set of lenses.

Have I peaked your interest yet?

Let me remind you that you have nothing to lose.  Well…maybe 10 pounds of fat and some un-needed stress 🙂

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