What Are The Odds?

“If we have never been amazed by the very fact that we exist, we are squandering the greatest fact of all.” ~Will Durrant

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I’m coming home from a training weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  After a few hours in the airport, and now sitting on a Delta flight, I feel like I am being treated to a beautiful little life lesson.  Here I sit, in the sea of humanity, and the water is wonderful.  To my right is a very sweet and quiet Amish woman.  In front of me is a spry woman, probably in her 90s who is flirting with the male flight attendant.  Behind me is a Native American gentleman who is dressed impeccably.  I’m in awe of the uniqueness of each of us.  I have always been a fan of diversity.  I love color, I love different, I love quirky.

It’s a strange paradox, because at the root of all yoga teachings is the precept that we are all the same. We all come from the same effulgent Source.  You know, Namaste. So here I sit, trying to reconcile how we all share the same spiritual DNA. How we all share the same desire to love and be loved. How we all share the need to be heard and seen.  We all carry burdens. We all want to make a difference.  And we all express these things so differently.  It’s all so beautiful.

So with respect to this paradox of our uniqueness and our sameness, I offer you this…What Are The Odds?

  • Odds of bowling a 300 game: 1 in 11,500
  • Odds of being hit by lightening: 1 in 576,000
  • Odds of getting a royal flush on your first 5 cards: 1 in 649,740
  • Odds of becoming the U.S. President: 1 in 10,000,000
  • Odds of being born in this particular time, place and circumstance: 1 in 400,000,000,000

Let this reaffirm for you that YOU are here now in a way that no one has ever been, or ever will be.  Your unique circumstances have placed you in this spot…yes the one you’re in as you read this.  And I for one am grateful that you are here.  Thank you for bringing color and crazy and quirky into my life.



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