2017 Workshops

June 28th from 6-9pm Samskaras…What Keeps You Stuck?
Samskaras are like grooves in the brain…patterns or habits. We think or do something, and then we think or do that thing again, and eventually, the repetition creates a groove in the brain that is hard to change. Looking closely at our Samskaras allows us to see where we have become stuck, and invites us to create new grooves, more positive patterns that help us live more full and productive lives.
Join me on Wednesday June 28th to take a closer look at what Samskaras are, and how we can start to create new grooves in the brain that will allow us to live more healthy, happy lives.
Location: Meet Me on 33rd (1565 East 3300 South)

Cost: $29 ($39 at the door)

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June 28th  6-9pm -Samskaras…What Keeps Us Stuck?

July 5th  6-9pm -Breaking Down Sun Salutations

August 2nd  6-9pm -The Practice of Heart Opening

September 6th  6-9pm -Get Twisted!

October 4th  6-9pm -Bend Over Backwards!

November 1st  6-9pm -Arm Balances…Yes You Can!

December 6 6-9pm -Turn Your World Upside Down (Inversions)

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