Zumba! A fun new way to sweat.

If you’re bored with your same-old, same-old workout routine, or if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to make exercise feel like fun, you have to try Zumba!  This new dance exercise craze is sweeping the globe and may just what we need to get folks up off the sofa and into the gym.  Jill Nix is a Zumba instructor in Provo, Utah and showed the Home Team just how much fun sweating can be.  I loved it, and I can’t wait to do a whole class.  The workout , designed by celebrity fitness trainer “Beto” Perez, feels a lot like Jazzercise but with a Latin flair.  The moves are simple and repetitive and get you sweating without making you think to much.  Here’s a caution, however.  My friend Suzanne attends Zumba classes regularly and has informed me that the one-day training to teach Zumba might be enough for a seasoned fitness instructor, but might not be adequate training for a brand new instructor.  Ask your instructor for their teaching experience before you make a long term commitment to this (or any) training program.  Click here to see where you can Zumba! with Jill.  www.zumba.com

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    1. Dance Fitness Extreme DVD – I’ve been thinking about getting this new DVD and I haven’t seen any reviews about it. Would you provide any additional information about the format? How much time is spent working out vs teaching steps, etc.? I would appreciate the information. Thank you

      • Hi Julie,
        Those DVDs were produced 10 years ago. The production quality is low, but the workouts are good. Don’t spend a lot of $ on it and you won’t be disappointed. 🙂
        Thank You, Denise

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