Visualize 10-Years From Now


I have to admit, I struggle with this. In yoga practice, we place a heavy emphasis on being present, on appreciating this moment just as it is. I believe that to be truly happy and live a life of peace, we must learn the practice of being in the NOW with all its grief and all its glory.

But if we really believe that the future is what we choose to make of it, then we must look ahead at times so we can steer the vehicle in the right direction. If you were driving across the country, at some point you would have to look at a map to make sure you were heading in the direction of your desired destination.

So let’s pull out the big road map and look ahead. For this exercise, you will need a quiet place where you can be alone, uninterrupted for 10-15 minutes. You will need your journal, a pen or pencil and if possible some headphones. I’d like you to listen to this short visualization and journal your thoughts about what comes up for you.

I recorded this on January 9 so adjust the date accordingly in your mind. And forgive my technology learning curve. 🙂

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