Be One…

“The great lesson…is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one’s daily life, in one’s neighbors, and family…in one’s back yard.” ~Abraham Maslow

These two women are so dear to me, and are teaching me about the true meaning of friendship. Amy has cancer, Shelley is her BFF. Their story reveals that if you have even one close friend in life, you are blessed. And the best way to have a friend…is to Be One.

Follow their stories of softness and strength on Instagram @sthirasukhasisters

It’s hard to explain what it really means to have a friend. To me, it’s someone who knows me. Someone who cares, who listens, who reaches out a hand, and someone who is there in the trenches, helping me rally. It’s someone who is glad I stopped by, and someone who will stand by me. It’s a smiles, hugs, stories, laughter, tears, hopes, dreams, shared life, and shared loss. My world feels safer and smaller and brighter with my close friends in it.

Harder however, is to describe how to really BE a friend. When someone close to me is struggling, hurting, doubting, in the dark, how can I best show up?  Shelly and Amy have shared some great tips…pick up the phone, or knock on the door. Even if your friend doesn’t answer, keep knocking. Look in their eyes…tell them you love them. Stop by with tea or coffee or wine or popsicles or whatever, but take them something you can share. Set up a walk, a workout, a piñata party, or ice blocking (yes, she did!) Sit in the sun, feed the birds, laugh, cry, hug, BE together.

I’m so grateful for these two women, whom I consider to be close friends, and who also happen to be Master Trainers for Yoga Assets. Let’s all take their lead today, and go out and Be One

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