Coming Home

What do you think of when you hear the word “HOME”? Do you think of this beautiful blue and green ball, spinning in space, hugging us close through the power of gravity? Do you think of the country you live in, and sing songs about at sporting events? Or maybe home to you is the place where you were born, or the place your drivers’ license says is your home. Does it have walls and a roof? Or is home the skin and bones that you inhabit?

Spring is the time for cleaning. For getting into the corners and airing out the junk. In this newsletter , I offer a different view of Spring Cleaning, for all of the places you call HOME. 

  1. Spring Cleaning for our Planet. Can we each commit to just one way to show respect for our Earth and our place in it? Can we enter Spring with a sense of wonder of the world around us, remembering that we are all connected? Let’s say NO to the status quo, and YES to the possibility that each of us, in our own small way can make a difference.  We can make our HOME a place that our children’s children can live with (and on). Reuse and recycle more. Consume less. Walk or ride more and drive less. Mine? I commit to no more plastic bags. NONE. Call me on that please. What is yours?
  2. Spring Cleaning for our Country. This one is easy. We need one thing more than any other. We need conversations with people who think differently than we do. And we need to enter those conversations with questions, and a sincere commitment to listening. To hearing another’s point of view. We’ve been yelling long enough. We’ve been posting our opinions long enough. It’s time to listen. I commit to making one phone call a week (yes, an old fashioned phone call) to someone whom I know thinks differently than I do. And my purpose of the call will be to ask, and to listen. What do you commit to?
  3. Spring Cleaning for our Hood. Right now, in this moment, in your city or neighborhood, there are hundreds of opportunities for Spring Cleaning. Trimming branches. Tree removal. Litter pick up. Helping neighbors clean up their yards (after yours is done!) Planting bulbs in a neighborhood garden. Clean up at a local park. How cool if our kids could see us out there helping the community open its eyes to Spring? I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that my yard needs attention badly. So I’ll start there. Helping my hubby with the yard, then I’ll try and venture out.
  4. Spring Cleaning for your House. Here we go, the big one. Organize a closet. Open and clean all the windows in your house. Let the rugs air outside for a day. Declutter and donate. Get rid of unhealthy and expired foods in the cupboards. Clean out the freakin’ fridge! OK, that’s my checklist, what’s yours?
  5. Spring Cleaning for your Body. This is truly the place to start. This is home. No matter where you go, there you are, at home in your own skin. How about starting this Spring with a nutritious cleanse? Or a commitment to more movement, activity, exercise, or yoga? Drink more water. Get outdoors more. Meditate. Sleep better. I’m on a hydration kick right now and just paying attention to getting adequate water has made me feel 100% better. What about you?
  6. Spring Cleaning for your Soul. What needs to go? What in your heart and mind have been stagnant? Is there a story you’ve been carrying around for far too long, or a relationship that has lived its course? Get a journal and start writing. What can I release, knowing that it has served me and taught me, and is now ready to move on?

We made it through another Winter together my friends. I am grateful to stand with you as we look ahead, with a reverence for life, and for each other. I would love to hear about your Spring Cleaning.

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