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Today marks the 30-Day anniversary of my diagnosis.  In 30 days, I have gone from finding out I have breast cancer, to having a double mastectomy, to recovering at home.  What a whirlwind.  The timing (as always) has been perfect.  Just before my surgery, I got to walk with loved ones in the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure.  Along the way, I was inspired by the many women who have gone before me. Several of them shared their stories and advice.  Some just walked with their arm around me.  It was perfect.  I hope to be that inspiration now to women who follow.

The great news is there is no cancer in my lymph nodes.  YEA!  So it looks like my main worries are when I get these drains out and when I can get back to regular activity.  Yes, I understand that regular activity looks a little different for me, but I’m curious.  And anxious.  And grateful.  And content.  Life has just handed me a the most precious gift.  The gift of seeing the fragility of life.  The gift of knowing I am loved beyond measure.  The gift of knowing that I don’t have to worry about breast cancer any more.  The gift of being here, now, in this big healing bed (which is now my office) looking ahead to a bright future.

My dear friend Maria Johnson came yesterday to help me get materials together for our new round of 11218778_10155560012105500_1431371513888632236_nteacher training which begins next week.  She will be by my side as I step back in to life and yoga and helping people make a difference.

This is another of the gifts of this experience…I now know how to say “I Need You.


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    1. Jena Marston says:

      Denise, I just saw your post on Pinterest & wanted to say that I’m so glad you are okay & that I will send you lots of positive energy. I attended an indoor cycling certification with you a few years ago & still use lots of gems you gave us in our training everyday that I teach! Thank you for being such an amazing woman of strength!

    2. Michael Farnan says:

      Hey Denise, your one tough lady and I’m sure you will get through this. Your so cool and an inspiration to everyone! I run marathons and half marathons so if you want me to raise some funds for your charity let me know.

      Michael Farnan
      (Birmingham, UK)

    3. Bonny Christine says:


      I’m wishing you health beyond measure and love without limits. Sometimes, I wished I was as vocal about the challenges of health that I’ve dealt with, and the lessons-which I call “Take-a-ways” from each individual that comes or goes, and each experience – profound or not. Yet, I’m not as vocal. Yet in reading about your journey, I am, yet again inspired by you. In that, Life is not to be lived leaning on the fence of the past. Rather, to live in the present. Embracing the good and bad with all that you are. Not fighting against the natural order. But truly embracing It all and sharing so that it becomes inspiration to others to be courageous, or an example of triumph. You, yourself, are a gift. Keep shining! And Thank You for sharing your vulnerability with such grace.

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