Hot, Hot, Hot!

Summer is quickly coming to
an end.  My boys are all-too aware that only three weeks
remain before they start

school again.  It almost doesn’t seem
fair.  My oldest wants to know why the fun times go so fast, and the
“boring” times go so slow.  I don’t have an answer for that one, but I
did receive some priceless advice from a beautiful woman I sat next to
on a plane last week.  She wouldn’t reveal her age, but from her life stories, I would guess she has lived a good, long life.  She has overcome three rounds of breast cancer, a bout with uterine cancer, and a stroke. She is divorced from the man she was married to for 30 plus years, and her two grown children, both parents themselves are living farther from her than she would like.  But she’s a survivor, in the truest sense of the word.  Her words were labored as a result of the stroke, but she has stories to tell, points to make, and advice to share.  We spent a lot of time talking about the power of positive thoughts.  She told of a doctor who told her that most likely, her cancer would come back.  She stood up indignantly, in her flimsy little hospital gown, with clenched fists and gritted teeth, and said “Then I’ll fight it again!”  And she did.  Her positive outlook on life comes from a life of doing things another way, I presume.  We always learn the big lessons in life the hard way.  I told her I was coming home from a yoga training and it had been good to get away from the rush and noise of three boys (well, four really) for a bit.  With tears in her eyes, and a shake in her voice, she put her hand on my arm and said, “Honey, it all goes so fast.  Before you know it they will be gone.  And when you look in the rear view mirror, you don’t want to see any regrets.  Now go home and make some happy memories with those little miracles”.  So for the next three weeks, if you try to get ahold of me it might take me a while to get back to you.  I’m out making the most of what’s left of a hot and beautiful Utah summer, savoring the miracles.

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    1. Denise,
      This is the first newsletter of yours that I have seen
      and it is wonderful. What a lovely story from the women
      on the plane; she is right, time goes so fast and before
      you know it, children are grownup and gone. Lately, when I am at my kitchen sink I see Luke, Jeremy, Jackson, Bode and Van and it hard to believe time has gone so fast and they are all growing up before my eyes.
      Steve tells me there have been other newsletters from
      you (we share the e-mail, that might explain why I am
      not seeing them???)
      You are such a "special lady".
      Love Glo

    2. Lori Dawn says:


      As my husband, Jim, always says about our 4 year old twins sleeping in our bed every night. "They are only puppies for a little while". There is only so long that you can cuddle them, and smell them and keep them close. The woman on the plane is so right. Thanks for this and thanks for the newsletter. I love it.

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