Love Your Body

Love Your Body.  Easier said than done, for an estimated 80% of women in America who report being dissatisfied with their physical appearance.  Currently in the U.S we spend over $40 Billion a year on diet related products.  With that kind of money  on the table, the marketers of diet products are not going to let up on us any time soon.  Between them and the fashion industry we will continue to be bombarded with the unrealistic images of “perfect” women.  Take a minute to watch this amazing video made by the Dove Self Esteem fund.   Then, to learn more about how we view our bodies, take the “Love Your Body” Quiz here.  I think it’s time for a change, and the best way to see a change is to be a change.  Start by realizing that your body is your own, and you only get one.  It’s shape, size and color make you unique, and it’s good to realize that there are things we can change and things we can’t.  Ultimately, we just need to decide to be happy with who we are.  Work on the things you can change…being more fit, more strong, more flexible, having more energy.  We do these by exercising daily and eating better, cleaner, more whole foods.  Set small, attainable goals, and pause to celebrate your successes.  Saying “I did it” gives your self-esteem a boost.  What about the things you can’t change?  I’ve always been embarrassed about my size 9 1/2 feet, but my Mom always said that I was born with a good under-standing.  Get it?  And I’m learning to embrace the fact that my lifetime of smiles is leaving its mark-on my face.

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