What Happens in Hawaii…

What happens on a yoga retreat? Yoga…meditation…great food…some sightseeing…and if it’s a Yoga Assets retreat, nothing short of honest-to-goodness life changing soul-shifting transformation. At the end of every year, we retreat. We restore. We refresh. We reboot. We remember who we are, and why we are on this earth. We come home standing in our truth. And we change the world.

I want to share some of the stories from our last years’ participants. We went to Kauai to Expand and Explore. We had a blast, and we dug deep

Here are their stories, in the words of our guests:

“Something about the setting, the immersion and the comradery makes it magical.  You must be there to experience it.  It’s a “happening now” event.  The mindset of your fellow traveler’s mold into powerful intention that you can’t create on your own. You leave a foot taller than when you arrived, and you have 19 new friends to cherish.” ~ Michael 


“My time in Kauai with Yoga Assets was life changing. I loved being able to view this tropical paradise from the eyes of a retreat. I loved the combination of island life, yoga practices, meditation, and break out sessions. I took so much personally from the time I spent doing self study and listening to the island and what it had to offer me. I felt like this retreat was one of the most beneficial experiences I’ve ever given myself and would highly recommend it to anyone feeling stuck, burnt out, needing direction or motivation. Anyone needing a refresh or recharge.You can’t beat yoga on a beach with sun, sand, dolphins, and the island air! I left feeling rejuvenated, more at peace, clarity with decisions not only personally but also professionally. I felt renewed, energized and with a new perspective on how I wanted to live my life when I returned. The experience was so profound I now refer to life as “before Kauai and after!”  ~Shelley


“In one of the workshops, in order to discover our Sankalpa, we were encouraged to “go to our wounds” – to examine areas of our pain or discomfort – and then to offer to serve/lead out starting with those areas.

As a parent of a child with autism, this hit a nerve for me.

I taught a Yoga Dance to our group during our last Expand & Explore night on the beach. A beautiful child spontaneously joined us, joyfully and happily loving our celebration of yoga. Her father later thanked us for allowing her to participate, and told us her name was Isabella. With tears in his eyes, he said that Isabella has autism, and needs opportunities like this.

I had found my Sankalpa.

The Isabella Project is now my commitment to take yoga to those on the Autism Spectrum, to those with Special Needs, and to their Caregivers” ~Jan


“I set out to relax, get away from work & life & do some yoga. Of course Denise had a plan for us. Stop playing small, it’s time to play big and be my authentic true self! Of course after yoga teacher training, I was aware of this, but Kauai really brought out the fire inside me. Stop playing small.

While I was there I decided I was going to start teaching more kids and try and be impactful wherever I could. Right now I am teaching 2 elementary classes how to be mindful & fun animal poses! It is so fulfilling. I am teaching the LGBTQ club at Brighton High once a week–also fulfilling! Also teaching other community classes, helping take yoga where it isn’t!  While in Kauai, I learned my WHY. I am here to help youth become more mindful and give them other outlets to de-stress and combat every day issues. I hope this helps prevents suicides among our LGTBQ youth & youth in general. I also made my WHY about my business even more profound.
I am a conductor! I help people eat healthier, which in turn reduces our carbon foot prints and reduces the need for factory farming by not harming animals. My vehicle to do this is my business, Zest Kitchen & Bar. 
Just by being an example, I tuned some people in to vegetarianism/veganism and made helped make people a little more aware about recycling! This retreat brought some tears, and some powerful healing moments, like burning what no longer serves us at the hindu monastary. It reminded me to always be a leader and to fix our brains! heal our brains then everything comes after that! It was a good reminder to slow down and make sure my cup is always filled so I can give back to others. While on the trip Denise & Michal made sure there was something fun to do each day as well, so we had plenty of entertainment. There may have even been dance parties & conga lines! I had fun getting to know others with different religious beliefs and backgrounds and helps me to remember we are all the same. I made some great friends and connections and will treasure them dearly. i have seen most of the people on the trip at least one time if not more since we’ve been back! Denise & Michael made this trip extra special and took care of my dietary needs with care and complete understanding. They are amazing AND FUN! IF you haven’t taken Denise’s yoga classes, she is one of the best! IF you have, of course you know, you should check out her retreat! Get ready to do some (personal) work and tune into the vibes of the island. Maybe I’ll see you there! Mahalo!” ~Casey 
If you have ever considered a yoga retreat, this year is the year. We’re going to the Big Island. The Root Chakra of the islands. And it is here that we will get Grounded in Gratitude November 27-December 3  (More Here)
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