I’ve been in the health and fitness business longer than just about everyone except Jack LaLanne and Jane Fonda.  And I’ve heard every claim from every marketer and manufacturer of diet products.  “Burn fat and build muscle while you sleep!”  “Lose weight without exercise!”  “”Melt away cellulite in minutes!”  For every new diet supplement that comes along I advise my clients “If it sounds too good to be true…”  You know the rest.  If there really was such a pill or potion, we would not have the obesity crisis we are now faced with.  Here are a few things to think about before you decide to use supplements:

• A supplement is just that, a supplement to an already healthy diet. Don’t make the mistake of replacing healthy foods with pills. Take a good daily multi-vitamin as an insurance policy but try to get most of your nutrients from good, clean, whole food.
• So far, there are only theories and anecdotal evidence that supplements work miracles. You can find plenty of “research” claiming that this pill or that potion will cure all that ails you. Most of these studies are done by manufacturers and marketers of these supplements. There is no real scientific proof that a supplement is better than real food.
• An increase in fiber and a decrease in fat will help prevent cancer. A diet high in fruits and vegetables will decrease our risk of many deadly cancers. No such claim can be legitimately made with supplements.
• Before you decide to supplement, make sure you are getting plenty of the following:
➢ Fiber (from fruits, veggies and whole grains)
➢ Beta Carotene (from leafy greens, orange and yellow fruits and veggies)
➢ Calcium (from dairy and leafy greens)
➢ Vitamin D (from the sun, fortified foods, and fish oil)
➢ Potassium (from bananas, citrus fruits, legumes, veggies and whole grains)

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    1. I completely agree with you, supplements do not replace healthy nutrition and/or exercise.
      I am perpetually vit D defficient with MS and I am always wondering if foods fortified in vit D aren’t pretty much the same thing as a vit D gel cap… Thoughts on that?
      Also, check this out:
      Vit D in a mushroom!

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