Sure Do ‘Preesh-ee-ate-cha”

That’s Utah slang for “I really appreciate you, thanks.”  I’m thinking today about Mr. Barney.  Fifth grade, Westland Elementary school.  He was the first, and I mean first person on earth to tell me that I really could think for myself.  Up ’til then I had thoughts that were approved by parents, Grandparents, former teachers, and church leaders.  I have to admit, when he first introduced the concept of the freedom that lies in our ability to hear, create, own, dis-own, change, and adopt the thoughts of our choosing, I was scared.  I almost felt as if I had to ask permission to think my own thoughts.  Today, that sounds crazy, unless you, like me grew up in a religious home with clear do’s and don’ts…most’y dont’s.  But that’s another blog entirely.

The purpose of this blog is to get us all thinking of the folks who have been key players in the trajectory of our lives.  I’m almost certain that Mr. Barney has no idea the impact his words had on my little 10-year-old head, and how I am deply thankful to him for taking the time to teach me more than math and science.  I vow today to find him and tell him. 

Take a minute and think back on some of the pivotal moments of your life.  Chances are, you too had many “Mr. Barneys.”  Here’s a short movie clip that drives home the point of appreciating each other, and making sure we share that appreciation.


For more insight into the sometimes strange way we say things out here, check out TAMN‘s seriously-so-hilarious blog.

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