Denise Druce, RYT

It’s official, after a nine year journey to become a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance, I did it!  I finished all of the requirements to become a RYT May 29 and 30 in Minneapolis.  This photo of smiling faces are the amazing people who joined me in celebrating this accomplishment. 

When I set my sights on this certification, there were many options available to me.  I chose Yogafit because of their focus on yoga for the fitness industry, and their emphasis on making yoga safe, “doable” and non-threatening for everyone.  I am so grateful to Beth Shaw for bringing yoga to the masses.  Her vision of yoga is a practice of letting go of judgement, competition and expectations.  These lessons have helped me in my personal yoga practice, but more so, in my life.  Thank you Beth, Sandi, Stacey, Rose, Jane, Kristin, Kathy for giving your heart, passion and knowledge in countless hours of trainings.

I won’t make a penny more, or get a promotion by having these letters on my business card.  But I do have a deep and profound passion for helping more people see the joy and ease of living that a regular yoga practice can bring.  And, I get to say my three favorite words…I did it!

Fore more information on Yogafit, click here.

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    1. angela needham says:

      Dear Denise,

      Kim Winegar,Jen Garriott and I were talking this morning and wondering if you would consider doing a "personal training" class for a group of girls in the neighborhood. We think we could get 4,5 or maybe 6 women to join us. We were saying that any morning would be just fine. We don’t want to "mess" up your plan for tomorrow’s group, but were wondering if we couldn’t make this idea work. Let me know your thoughts. We are flexible of course and whatever works for you is great. angela

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