Is Soda Pop the Cigarette of the Future?

I recently heard it said that, “Soft drinks are the cigarette of the future”.  1577682-1612626-thumbnail.jpgI confess…I too have a daily habit of a late afternoon Dr. Pepper.  It has to be fountain, just the exact amount of ice, skinny straw, not the fat ones at like 7-11.  But by the day, I’m becoming convinced that I need to find another, healthier late afternoon habit.

Bottom line is this: diet or regular, there is not one thing in soda pop that has any nutritional value, nothing.  Soda is the epitomy of the term “empty calories”.  Look at the label, its all made up of chemicals that I can’t pronounce, let alone understand, except for sugar and caffiene. The caffeine in most popular soft drinks it is a nerve stimulant that can cause headaches, hyperactivity and a crash, same as sugar.  And the list of potential harmful effects from artificial sweeteners is long, and a topic for another article.  I will mention, however, that there is much new evidence that people who consume diet sodas tend to have a harder time with weight loss than those who don’t.   According to a recent issue of Science Daily, researchers have laboratory evidence that the widespread use of no-calorie sweeteners may actually make it harder for people to control their intake and body weight.

I’m a physically active adult, so I have never worried about the calories in Dr. Pepper.  I like the taste much better than the diet variations.  But people who are less active, namely kids and teens can’t afford all those empty calories.  They take up valuable stomach space that should be taken by whole, clean and natural foods.  Foods that help a body develop, function and grow properly.  "The easy access of sugary beverages and foods from home to school and everywhere in between has compromised the health of teens’ teeth, and helped fuel the national obesity epidemic," added Julie Barna, spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry.   Other research shows that drinking carbonated beverages seems to be one of the most significant causes of increased cavities and obesity for today’s teenagers. And as younger children become addicted to the caffeine and sugar contained in many fizzy drinks, the problems will only increase. Being overweight puts adolescents at significant health risks including increased incidence of hypertension and elevated cholesterol leading to heart disease, type II diabetes and osteoporosis.

Another issue, the phosphoric acid in most regular and diet cola drinks limits calcium absorption, with a direct influence on bone density, report the researchers. They say that by the age of 16, girls have accumulated 90 to 97 percent of their bone mass making adequate calcium intake vital, yet statistics in the US and Europe show that many girls are not receiving enough calcium through their diets. Some research has linked soft drink consumption to bone fractures in teenage girls.

For a thorough summary of all the reasons we should be cutting back on our consumption of carbonated beverages, check out “Soft Drinks, America’s Other Drinking Problem”, by Dr. Judith Valentine, PhD



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    1. Kay Holker says:

      I am enjoying you new program and I applaud you for bringing to the attention of your veiwers and dangers of drinking soda pop. Just for your information, there is a Japanese developed alkaline water out there that is the best alternative to drinking other beverages or even other waters. If you are interested, check out this website and let me know your thoughts. We started drinking the water when we purchased a machine for our home and we are giving it away by the hundreds of gallons to anyone who is interested in improving their health. We have seen some marvelous things happening. Especially look at the video about the colon and you will be amazed at the visuals of what this water does for people who drink it. When you talk about obesity, this is one great solution to that problem. Thanks again and good luck with the show. Kay Holker is the website a friend of ours has put together with all the information we have found out there about this marvelous water.

    2. Kay Holker says:

      I am sorry, I should give you my phone number if you would like to contact me about the Kangen alkaline water. Kay Holker, 801-814-3534, 801-370-6003

    3. Denise! It’s Jessie Eyre here, one ofyour old students/interns at She & Co. who left after you did (it just wasn’t the same without you and your integrity there). ANYWAY, I LOVE your posts and this very subject is one that I have been trying to convince people of for YEARS. Soda pop deteriorates the oxygen levels in your blood, it slows (if not blocks entirely)the absorption of calcium and other essential vitamins, it has no nutritional value and is damaging to the bones, tissues, and functions of the body. This you already know.

      My comment then lies in this: people lose touch with how it feels to really feel GOOD. When an addiction to a substance (cigarettes, soda or what not) replaces the ability to feel good and well, THAT is the first sign that it is NOT good for us. We can certainly say that moderation in all things is healthy, but when it comes to things that do NO GOOD for our bodies, then I believe we must avoid that something at all costs. There’s my soapbox. Bravo for making the concern so public. You’ve always been one to be admired!

      Big hugs from a friend from the past…

      Jessie Eyre

    4. Monica Macdonald says:

      I have held these opinions since I was still in junior high. My poor (picked on) children have never had the pleasure of sodas more than a few times a year. Good for you for getting this article out there!

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