The LOVE project

I begin this post with the four hardest words to say…”Honey, you are right.”  I hate it when that happens.  But this post is not about hate, it is about LOVE.  I’m inviting you do join me in my efforts to really put this word to the test.  A lot of things have led me to take on this monumentous project.  But the climax happened just last night.  After two days of watching the horrifying images of those poor people in Haiti, of texting codes to donate money, and of feeling so sad almost to the point of being drained, I came to a realization.  (With a litle help from my husband.)  Upon hearing the words by Pat Robertson, about Haiti bringing this disaster on themselves with some long-ago pact with the devil, I was irate.  So angry, and appalled.  And when Keith Olberman came on his show with words of retaliation, I cheered.  He looked right in the camera and told both Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh that “wished them to hell.”  I posted his rant on my Facebook page, and took solace in the comments from like-minded people who were angry too. 

Now here comes the ‘Honey you’re right’ part.  My husband and I have been dwelling a lot on the word and the concept of LOVE.  In a world so divided along party lines, racial lines, gender lines, and preference lines, it’s easy to get caught up in an arguement anywhere you go.  Social media has made us all commentators and has given us a voice.  And I believe, at my core, that the most important thing we can do during our limited time on this little blue and green ball is learn to LOVE.  But for me, so far, this has been easy.  Because I love those who are easy to love.  I love those who think like me.  I love those who are vulnerable, those in need, those who are loveable.  My husband is bringing to my attention (in his most loving way) that to hate a hater makes me a hater.  I have felt justified in my anger and sarcasm and judgement toward anyone who I view as mean, judgemental, close minded.  But last night, after a long conversation trying to defend my position of hate, I relented.  He is right. 

So…here’s where you come in.  I want to be a person of LOVE.  I want the words out of my mouth and the actions of my life to show LOVE.  And I want to learn how to love those who are hard to love.  Will you keep me accountable?  Will you share with me your stories of how you have shown love, or felt love, or even tried to feel love toward someone who totally did not deserve it?  Someone who may not ever return the love?  I think we can do something together here folks.  Something big.  Something important that will go beyond the name calling and negativity we are all living in now. 

Will you join me in the LOVE project?  Leave your comments and stories below.

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    1. I found you after you had my pregnant belly hanging out on your blog, so I added you to my Reader, and here you are. I love your LOVE project … as that has been our family goal lately. Loving ourselves, loving our friend/family/neighbors, etc. I will cheer you on Monday mornings, but you might have to say nice things, or nothing, about BYU to keep it up. I’ll try to give you good reasons to say nice things, I mean, they did give me a couple degrees and I turned out alright!

    2. Oh…this is going to be harder than I thought. First I was reminded that I have to try and love Gayle Ruzika and now BYU? Lord help me. I will need your support on Monday mornings Amanda.

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